This photo shows just one example of the many senior Akitas that B.E.A.R. has rescued from situations just like the one in the story below… Could you imagine living your entire life in what you thought was a loyal and loving home, but then as you slowly start to age over the years, the family you love decides one day they just plain don’t want you anymore because you’re too old?

You have done nothing wrong, you even go happily into the family car for what appears to be a fun ride… only to find out that after 11 loyal years of your life you are dumped in an overcrowded high-kill city shelter without a care. You wait and wait for the family you have loved and depended on for 11 years until you realize they won’t be coming back for you. You have given up all hope as you retreat to the back of your kennel, Akita head hung low, and you wait and accept your fate…

The shelter door opens, and this is the last day you will ever see the sun shine. But then, a B.E.A.R. volunteer stops by and says, “Come on, old loyal friend, it’s time to go home.” Please make this possible and donate. An Akita’s life depends on it. We rescue dogs of all ages, but the seniors have a special place in our hearts.